Survey Tip #1 - Close the Loop

We’ve all done it (some more than others) we’ve filled in a survey and it was either simple and quick, long and painful or somewhere in between.  No matter whether there was pain or not we all filled in that survey for a reason.  For some it could be a celebration of a job well done, for others a real insight into what’s not working or maybe just a little nod to something that could have made an experience better.

All feedback, regardless of its sentiment, is important.  We all love the good but we also have to understand the bad to really grow and improve.  And once that feedback is given we hope that something happens with it, that it doesn’t mean a business can just put a tick in a box.

I get asked all the time about how to encourage continuous feedback and my answer is always ‘Its only continuous if you close the first loop’ By keeping feedback to yourselves, it doesn’t matter how much notice you take internally, if those who have given the feedback don’t see some response or benefit why would they keep ‘wasting their time’?

It’s really simple, one of the most important elements of continuous feedback is to consistently communicate what you have heard, what you are doing and celebrating the things that are going well, not just what could be better. 

Thank your respondents for taking part, recognise the important role they play in your businesses improvement and let them know when there is something you can’t change, why you can’t change it.  Use all channels that are available to you for communicating, from your website and onsite to social media and newsletters.  Think outside the box, your customers will appreciate the effort, believe us.

Imagine how great you would feel if you gave feedback and as a direct result something changed for the better in that organisation.  Your contribution would be proved as important and you would be encouraged to give feedback again once you know it is taken seriously.

Ask yourself honestly about your business and whether the feedback loop is closed all the time.  Anything less than yes, 100% shows that there is room for improvement.  Most of you will have room for improvement – even my business has it.  That’s how we grow and improve over time.  The sign of a great business (in my opinion) is a business that actively seeks feedback at every opportunity and then visibly takes open and honest action!

This tiny tip could see your feedback strategy move from average to outstanding.  The simple things can make a big difference for you.

Good luck! If you need help, give me a call!

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