We Love Surveys Business Book Club

27 October 2016

DO / PURPOSE by David Hieatt

Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more

I picked up this little book in a teeny shop in Ludlow a few weekends ago, the title spoke to me personally as well as for my business as I always want to feel like I am living with purpose.

The DO series of books features a variety of topics, not just business related (DO / Birth is not one i am planning on reading!) but all equally interesting if that topic is what you are interested in.  The books are small and feature digestible snippets and tips which I find a lot easier to get into than a big read.

PURPOSE was a wonderful read, full of insightful thoughts and tips to running a better business and being a better version of me.  The structure of the book is so simplistic i find myself referring to it again and again when I need a little nudge or reminder of what I am doing.  Running a small business isn't easy, being an employee isn't easy, being part of something with a purpose isn't easy but it can and should be fun!  This book reminds me that its OK to have days when things aren't perfect and that tomorrow is a new day.

Each page makes just one point and each of them will be, or has been relevant at some point to me personally or at work.  I especially loved getting to page 144 and seeing this quote 

Life is complicated.  But sport is simple.

Meaning that its important to take time out.  Starting work early, working late is all well and good and necessary sometimes BUT you should always make time for yourself to get away and quite often sport is the simplest way of doing just that.  Sport can be anything from a light stroll to a full on workout - its whatever is right for you.  I implemented this into my own life in January this year - I was getting desk crazy and by adding a run or two into my week I am able to get out of my own head and think clearly - we all need that sometimes.

This book is ideal if you find yourself losing focus sometimes and you want to get back and focus on brand you (or your business).  If you are a startup or a young business definitely read it, some of the snippets will change your mindset in an instant.

David also includes some great recommended reading material - some of which I will be checking out in due course.

This book, along with the other titles, are available to purchase here.  If you have read it or you do after reading this then please let me know what you thought in the comments.