At We Love Surveys we have developed a bespoke application designed to fit your individual needs for feedback and surveys. 

The app is special because it will allow you to continue collecting survey responses even if you have no internet signal. Offline working is critical in many situations and allows feedback to be gathered no matter what.

Why DIY? With our application, you don’t have to do any hard work, we do all the setup for you and deliver your survey to your chosen device with the press of a button. Simple.

Simple Customer Feedback Survey_iPad.png
  • Real time
  • Simple, user friendly surveys
  • Bespoke for your needs
  • Collect comments for qualitative insight
  • We carry out all setup
  • Works offline
  • Fixed or portable use
  • Build a bank of surveys for your business
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • UNLIMITED feedback with your annual licence

Here's some we made earlier