Patient Experience

We have been working in Patient Experience since 2006 and with that comes a depth of knowledge, even though the healthcare landscape has changed significantly.

We support many healthcare providers (NHS, Private, GP & Dental) across the UK in their goal to exceed their patients expectations on every occasion.  We work with open minded and forward thinking organisations who recognise that they aren't always perfect and want to make sure that they know when things are great as well as when they are not


The friends and family test

Since 2014 NHS England have been implementing the Friends and Family Test in services throughout the UK.  Now extending through primary and secondary care it is important for all organisations to give patients the opportunity to give feedback.

We are helping a number of organisations like yours to collect FFT feedback.  From local GP's and Dentists to NHS Trusts and Private Clinics, we have worked with them all to make sure that they are exceeding expectations - and when they aren't, that they are pro-active and take action.

The Friends and Family Test is a pulse check for your organisation and we can have you up and running in no time.

detailed patient surveys

Along with FFT, we also help organisations to collect more detailed patient feedback on different services.

Patient experience is very subjective, one persons great experience is another persons OK experience.  We can help you collect detailed feedback from patients to help you understand the small things that make a big difference for patients as well as the big things that need instant attention.

We have worked in Hospitals, Clinics, Urgent Care, Out of Hours and 111 so chances are we have a feedback survey that will work for you and if we don't - we will build it for you



Patient Transport Feedback

Patient transport is now required to submit FFT feedback on a monthly basis to NHS England.  Is your organisation taking this opportunity to learn more about how you can improve services?  If not you are missing out.

We can help you get instant feedback from your patients which you can then use to make improvements across your service.  You can also use the feedback as evidence of a great job to the trust or CCG that contracts your services.

Take action today and start getting feedback on your transport services