Employee Engagement

Why invest in an employee engagement program where your teams are surveyed once a year and you wait 3 months for the feedback? In many cases your employee engagement will fluctuate depending on the peaks and troughs in your business calendar, so why not measure employee feedback and engagement along with these peaks and troughs? 

  • Real Time Feedback
  • Multiple Channels
  • Mobile Solution
  • Offline Working 
  • Instant Results
  • Reports via Web or Email

pulse surveys & everyday engagement

Why limit yourself to feedback once or twice a year?  We specialise in solutions that allow you to collect feedback from your colleagues every day.

By operating an everyday engagement programme we know that you will get more regular, honest feedback.  How do we know?  Because we have seen it time and again.  When feedback becomes a choice for colleagues, engagement naturally increases.  Colleagues give feedback when they have something to say, not because its a certain time of the year and the location has a target to hit.

Be pro-active and open with your team about feedback and action.

regular surveys

While we are championing the use of our everyday feedback model, we know that it isn't appropriate for all businesses.  

We are also well known for our regular colleague feedback surveys.  Operating surveys anywhere from once per month to annually. 



bespoke employee feedback projects

Is your business looking to do something a bit different or totally radical?! Then we would love to chat to you.  

We have managed some extremely complex bespoke feedback projects for colleagues and we relish a challenge.

From completely anonymous, access by code surveys to in depth colleague research, we have done it all.  Our bespoke projects are built for you, by us and will ensure that whatever you want to achieve will be done so as easily as possible.