Customer Experience

In an ideal world, all customer experience feedback would be collected at the point of experience, while it is fresh in your customers mind.  How are you making sure you capture all of your customers feelings, not just the few that are inclined to answer emailed surveys?

  • Real Time Feedback
  • Multiple Channels
  • Mobile Solution
  • Offline Working 
  • Instant Results
  • Reports via Web or Email

point of experience customer feedback

What if every customer was a Mystery Shopper?

What if you gave every visitor the opportunity to tell you what they liked and disliked about shopping, dining or doing business with you? Not only would it give you information that allowed you to take action and improve your organisation, but it would actively demonstrate that you care about your customers and their opinions.

We make point of experience feedback quick and simple with our cool feedback tools and instant reporting capabilities.

post experience customer feedback

While we are passionate about the importance of immediate engagement with customers about their experience, we know that it isn't appropriate for every business.  

We can help you engage with your customers after they have left your business and collect a wide variety of customer experience insight, from simple surveys to to more detailed customer research.

The information collected will offer you a valuable insight into your business, quite often you find out something surprising that makes a big difference to customers.



bespoke customer feedback projects

Is your business looking to do something a bit different or totally radical?! Then we would love to chat to you.  

We have managed some extremely complex bespoke feedback projects for customers and we relish a challenge.

Our bespoke projects are built for you, by us and will ensure that whatever you want to achieve will be done so as easily as possible.