Lots of Text to Analyse?

In today's world, any form of insight from customers or colleagues inevitably comes with comments.  

The problem?  Loads of text and no way to really understand the key themes or find important nuggets of information!  Big Data is a Big Problem for many businesses.

We can take all of your unstructured data and turn it into insight that you never thought possible!

big data


We can gather data from almost any source, you tell us what you want to find and we will find it for you.

Whether your data is from a survey we have created or from another provider, social media, emails, databases, phones or websites we can gather it.  The possibilities are endless.



Quickly identify themes and sub themes. We give you automated insight into your data and help you to identify commonalities, links and associations.

We promise that the insight we deliver will highlight the successes and challenges in your organisation in such a user friendly way you will be amazed.


If you are a global business you will appreciate the additional challenge that comes when your data is captured in multiple languages.

Our system does not care about language as it looks for unique words and phrases. These can be in any language.