Case study



Since April 2015, We Love Surveys has been working with car insurance provider 1ST CENTRAL to help perfect its learning and development services. The company wanted to survey each attendee after a training session in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

1st Central Feedback Survey

The Brief

We Love Surveys was commissioned by 1st CENTRAL to help them collect quick, anonymous feedback from colleagues after each training session. 1st CENTRAL also wanted to see the results in as near real time as possible. The solution had to provide them with the results in a clear, graphical format without the need for additional resource for data analysis.

How We Love Surveys Helped

Having already tested paper and email surveys in its feedback development strategy, 1st CENTRAL understood the importance of anonymity to facilitate honesty and simplicity in order to maximise response rates. Cat Harris, Learning & Development Manager at the company’s head office had seen the Buzz Box in use at a high street retail store and was instantly drawn to its ability to collect quick feedback anonymously. We Love Surveys supplied 1st CENTRAL with four Buzz Box devices, which were then handed to candidates after their training. The devices were set up to ask the respondent five simple questions with a five star answer scale. The questions are tailored to find out how delegates felt about the course content, tutor and overall value. The simplicity of the Buzz Box means it takes each delegate less than 20 seconds to complete the survey.


Buzz Box data is delivered to We Love Surveys on a daily basis and, using a selection of pre-formatted reports, 1 st CENTRAL is now able to analyse its results quickly and effectively. This means the company can understand any challenges and identify areas for celebration at a much faster rate. Since the project started 16 months ago, a number of changes have been made to update training materials. As a result, 1 st CENTRAL has seen satisfaction scores consistently exceed 85% in the period from March to June 2016. Due to the success in its head office, 1 st CENTRAL has now expanded its feedback project to its new office in Manchester and is looking forward to seeing where the Buzz Box can help them next.

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“Many thanks once again - a
great part of your service”
We’re getting on really well
with the Buzz Boxes and
they have made our lives so
much easier. The
computerised scorecard
provides instant feedback,
which is easy to collate and
I see the Buzz Box
remaining a key part of our
long-term strategy as we
begin deploying them across
other sites.
— Cat Harris, Learning & Development Manager, 1st CENTRAL